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Thursday, January 25, 2018
This week a TPT customer asked me if I would consider bundling my Roald Dahl Novel Units at a discount. The idea of bundles had crossed my mind before, but I had never acted on it. Since someone asked specifically, I figured why not? So I bundled my six Roald Dahl Units (I also have three free Roald Dahl units!) and my first bundle was born!

Soon, I was looking through my TPT store to see if there were any other products worth bundling. Since the word "bundle" implies three at a minimum, I made a list of authors whose books appear at least three times in my collection of Novel Units. And as I looked over the list and prepared a few more bundles, I realized these five authors, while all VERY different, encapsulate some of my favorite books I've ever taught, so I wanted to share them with you.

Besides The Baby-sitters Club, Ramona books are the most clear memory I have of reading for fun as a child. Beverly Cleary books are truly timeless and there is something for everyone- boys and girls.  One of my favorite units is teaching Ribsy and Socks simultaneously and letting the kids split up by cat lovers and dog lovers. Apparently Beverly Cleary is timeless as well...did you know she's still alive at 101 years old?  She inspired many other beloved children's authors to do what they do, and I've come to love writing Novel Units for her wide variety of novels. They teach themselves! 

It's no secret that Roald Dahl is one of the most talented writer of children's literature ever. Has he written a book that hasn't been turned into a movie? Kids love him, and so do teachers! My personal favorite is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; this is another one I remember from my childhood. If you haven't ever done so, I highly recommend reading Who Was Roald Dahl? by True Kelley with your students alongside his novels. His own life story was also so interesting!

The writing style of Kate DiCamillo is unmatched in children's literature in my opinion.  Her books draw me in every time! Because of Winn-Dixie is one of my top five favorite children's books ever and that Novel Unit was my featured freebie when I hit my first TPT milestone. I honestly didn't realize I had three Kate DiCamillo Novel Units until I started making bundles, but I'm not at all surprised. You can't go wrong with these books!

4. Barbara Robinson
For years, I've started the school year with The Best School Year Ever and followed up with the seasonal spin-offs later on. This year, I didn't do so and I have missed teaching these books so much! In reality, The Best Christmas Pageant came decades before the other two, but I find all three to be equally hilarious and teachable! If you watch Scholastic book clubs the way I do (religiously) you'll find these on sale quite often.  Every teacher and class can relate to these classic tales!

5. Louis Sachar
Last but not least, Louis Sachar is perhaps the most unique children's author on this list. His books range from silly to serious, but they all make you think deeply in some way or another. The Louis Sachar book that I remember most clearly from my childhood is There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom, but I don't have a Novel Unit for it yet. Perhaps this is a bundle that will grow soon! In the meantime, you can't go wrong with Wayside School and Holes is one of my all-time best sellers!

Pulling these bundles together made me want to focus on writing Novel Units to round out some other author collections in my store. Who are your favorite children's authors? Do you have a favorite book by one of these authors that I didn't feature? I'd love to hear from you!

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