ACC Math Task Cards

Sunday, February 28, 2016

I love March…it’s my birthday, daylight savings time begins, spring break…and most importantly for us North Carolina folks, it’s March Madness time!

This year, it’s been more like all-year madness for me.  I’m teaching the AG 4th grade class for the first time and taking two online classes for AG certification each semester to knock it all out this year.  I’ve learned so much from the classes but they’ve taken nearly every moment of my free time.  Sadly, TPT and blogging have taken a backseat to grad schoolwork and regular schoolwork.  I’ve tried to squeeze in a little here and there and I’m counting down until May when I’ll have some free time again.

Last week, my Timehop reminded me that we had some days off school around this time last year for snow.  Then I suddenly had a flashback.  I had spent those snow days making ACC Math Task Cards for TPT and had promised my buyers they’d be updated annually by March 1st.  I’m going to be at the NCAGT conference Thursday and Friday so my weekend to-do list included sub plans in addition to mid-terms for my AG classes.  BUT I never make a promise I don’t try my very best to keep, so a few hours tonight were spent updating my ACC Math Task Cards.

For the next 24 hours, they’ll be FREE so grab them up while you can.  Tomorrow night (2/29) at 11 pm, they’ll go back to the regular price of $4 just in time for March to roll in.  Enjoy and send the link to a friend!